About The Artist

Amey Lai is a contemporary artist born and raised in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts specializing in design. Her bold paintings command attention through their bright gestural use of colour, texture, and sense of luxuriousness. She continues to refine her unique techniques but focuses on embracing bold colour in all her works.

Amey draws a lot of her inspiration from diverse cultures around the world. Her art exhibits this through her use of patterns and expressive colour palettes.  Amey always seeks to construct drama and depth with her unique mixtures of colour and mixed media. The colour gold is often seen in her art as she embraces its importance of illuminating and enhancing everything around it - much like the sun. Other parts of nature also play a big part in her work. Her paintings are coated with resin to resemble the purity of water and its cleansing abilities. This use reflects light and draws her audience closer to her paintings.

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